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Find Your Tribe (And Nine Other Things I Wish I
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Find Your Tribe (And Nine Other Things I Wish I'd Known In High School)

Author: Rebecca Sparrow

Everybody knows high school can be tough, especially when:

* your best friend behaves more like your worst enemy
* the person you have a crush on fails to notice you exist
* even the C-grade netball team thinks you have the defending skills of a stapler.

So how do you get through it? Bestselling author Rebecca Sparrow, with a little help from Ruby Rose, Wil Anderson and other celebs, explains how bouncing back, trusting your instincts and finding your tribe can make all the difference.

This 'little black book' is the indispensable guide for surviving - and enjoying - your teen years.

'Insightful ... inspiring, uplifting, motivating and really funny!' Sarah Murdoch.
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