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Becoming Australian: The Woodford Forum

Becoming Australian: The Woodford Forum

Author: Richard Nile

This inaugural title in the "UQP Symposium Series" gathers together a number of Australia's most highly regarded cultural historians and critics. The result is an illuminating new book on that hoary old gumnut of Australian identity. "Becoming Australia" explores the many possibilities of a nation vigorously engaged in a process of defining and redefining itself. It celebrates Australia's indigenous origins and the cultural diversity which has grown from settlers who have made their homes here and who have become part of the ambitious experiment of making an ew society. In an act of reconciliation, "Becoming Australia" critiques Australia's past, its present predicaments, and its future possibilities. "Becoming Australia" investigates some of the many sites of being Australian: the past and the future, native title, Aboriginality, place, children's culture, popular pastimes, relations with Asia, immigration and multiculturalism, radicalism and war.
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Richard Nile

Richard Nile is a gifted teacher and a dynamic figure in Australian public intellectual debates. Formerly the deputy director of the Australian Studies Centre at the University of London, he has been ...

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